Beneficial Bacteria

Product Description

Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria is a liquid water treatment that helps to provide clean, clear, and healthy water conditions, significantly reducing pond maintenance. Each bottle of Beneficial Bacteria is packed full of eight pure strains of concentrated beneficial bacteria and is completely safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife. Our Beneficial Bacteria effectively reduces fish waste, organic plant material, sludge, and excess nutrients in your pond, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your water feature and less time maintaining it. Our bacteria contains a 1.5 billion CFU per ounce potency, ensuring consistently effective treatment, and the included marigold and vitamin B help to bring out the natural colours of your fish while maintaining proper fish health.

Product Details

Size: 8oz / 236ml
1 bottle treats 5,000 gallons (18,921 liters)
Easy-to-use pump top
Provides clean, clear, and healthy water conditions in ponds
8 pure strains of concentrated bacteria
Safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife