Clipped Pyramidal Japanese Yew


Taxus cuspidata 'capitata'

Product Description

This is a great evergreen as it will tolerate heavy pruning, making it ideal for hedges, screens or topiary landscapes. it can also be left unpruned to give it a softer look. 

Product Details 

Grows semi-upright in a conical shape with narrow short dull green needles and small round fleshy red berries once mature. 

Characteristics: Evergreen 

Light: Full sun, Partial sun, Full Shade

Zone: 4

Height: 250-300cm
Spread: 175-200 cm

Pro Tip:  Use as a Hedge,  Specimen, Topiary or Screening.  Easy Care, Must be wrapped in burlap to protect from winter winds. Fruit Poisonous, Medium growth rate.