Pollen Bee Nest



Spending time outdoors is a good way to foster a healthy mind and this includes gardening. Digging in some dirt is good for your soul and your body, so why not plan to start a garden to attract bees? Let's clear up a few things first:

  • Attracting bees is not like having a bee hive for honeybees
  • There are over 4,000 native bees to North America and the honeybee is not one of them
  • You want to attract native bees, and these are not aggressive and rarely sting because they do not have a hive or a queen to protect
  • Most bees go about their business of pollinating without us even being aware of them

Constructed and tested to be attractive and useful, our pollen bee nests are specifically designed to safely harbour gentle pollen bees– like mason bees and other native bees– during the most important phase of their life cycle. Built with longevity in mind, our nests are fully assembled and ready to use. The proprietary volcanic rock filler keeps the nest dry and helps protect the bees from common predators.