Pond and Landscape LED 1-Watt Waterfall Light


Bring your pond or landscape to life at night by adding depth and dimension with ambient lighting.  Low-profile, compact design making it easy to tuck into a small place including in or around waterfalls, streams, overhangs or behind cascading water for a  great impact.

Aquascape LED lighting fixtures are extremely energy-efficient, minimizing energy costs and providing a 90% savings over comparable halogen lighting. The fixture features a powerful LED diode equivalent to a 10-watt halogen light. The die-cast metal housing with a protective coating provides a durable finish that holds up in all weather conditions. Lights are permanently sealed and watertight, and they can be installed fully submerged in water or in traditional landscape settings.

Aquascape pond and landscape LED lighting integrates easily with other 12-volt quick-connect components and existing low-voltage lighting systems. 3000 Kelvin temperature provides natural-looking white light and a 40,000-hour bulb life span ensures years of enjoyment. The light emits 45 lumens and a 30° beam angle. A cord length of 14.5′ is provided for ease of installation. Aquascape pond and landscape lights carry a 5-year full replacement warranty.