Make Your Own Tiny Terrarium

Terrariums are the perfect way to perk up your indoor space! These mini tabletop gardens are easy to care for and maintain. All you need is a glass container, soil and a pinch of creativity!



  • Terrarium container – glass always looks nice to see the layers!
  • Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix
  • Succulents & small plants – a good mix of textures, heights and colours will add nice variety
  • Moss – variety of colours


  1. Pick your container
  2. Add your soil
  3. Gently remove your plants from their original pots
  4. Choose the placement of your plants and start adding them to the container. It’s easiest to start with the tallest and work the smaller plants around it. The placement of the plants is up to you! We placed them to one side and added the moss to the front for an asymmetrical look
  5. Gently break up the moss into small pieces and add to the container
  6. Voila! Find a home for your new terrarium!

March 02, 2021 — Ryerse Garden Gallery